Q:   What purposes it can be used for other than grocery?

It can be used to remove the trash, as a pet stroller, laundry basket and usually to move items around. This cart is also great for camping and beach day. You can also use this cart as a rolling tool box for gardening.

 Q:   How much weight it can carry?

It can carry approximately 20lb.

 Q:  Can be folded with the wheels ?

Yes, you can easily fold it with wheels attached and fits perfectly well in the closet or in the trunk of a car.

 Q:   What is the height of the handle ?

Height wise it’s 39 inches.

 Q:   Is it stairs friendly?

 It’s light weight and can lift all your belongings upstairs and downstairs.

 Q:   Can we park it using breaks?

Yes, it is equipped with dual brakes at the back. Also there are two universal wheels on the front of the cart to facilitate handling on different surfaces.

 Q:   What is the material of this bag?

It is black Mesh Fabric.